There is an accepted record, also, at Parker River NWR last May on the
beach side in the scrubby brush across from the Wardens. This particular
bird hung out high in the scrub singing loudly from time to time.

Paula Gills

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> Canoeing with my son in Mississquoi Wildlife Refuge a few days ago,
> we both thought the little bird walking along the ground near the
> was a swainson's warbler.  Though we had no binocs (they had gotten
> wet earlier in our trip), we drifted quite close and had an extended
> Does anyone know of sightings of this bird this far north?

Extremely rare north of its northern-most breeding sites in Delaware,  
Virginia, West Virginia.  There are individual records of vagrants  
from southeastern New York, coastal Nova Scotia, and one recent record  
from the central valley of California.  Probably others I didn't have  
time to look up.  So vagrancy definitely occurs, and it's skulking  
nature means it is probably overlooked.  Even so, it's presence in  
Vermont would be astonishing.  Can you provide a detailed description?  
  Also an approximate location in case others want to paddle out and  
look for it?  Thanks for posting it,

Scott Morrical
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South Burlington

> David Gusakov