Hello All,

I thought that I would follow up on Allan Strong's shorebirds posting on 
5/21/08. I headed to Campbell Bay in Swanton, which is where the mouth of 
Charcoal Creek is. Along the way, I made a small detour to the Franklin County 
State Airport (in Highgate). I located a Grasshopper Sparrow on the chain-
linked fence that surrounds the runway. There was also a Vesper Sparrow on 
the same fence. Then I went to Campbell Bay Rd. and found a Solitary 
Sandpiper and a Killdeer in the manure pit that Allan referred to. I arrived at 
the actual bay around 9:15am. The shorebirds that Allan saw on Tuesday had 
apparently decided to continue their migration northward. The only shorebirds 
there this morning were 2 Greater Yellowlegs and 1 Spotted Sandpiper. Ah, 
such is life in the birding world... The trip was still worth making as I did get to 
see my first Black Terns(5) of the year. Also there was 1 Common Tern & 3 
American Bitterns(seen). I also heard a Virginia Rail. On the way back home I 
stopped on Mill River Road in Georgia to try for Upland Sandpiper but did not 
have any luck there. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Enjoy Birds,

Jim Mead