This listserv has never failed me and I am, once again, here asking for
help and input.

Our new North Lobby is being themed around the word ‘Discovery’ and our
goal is to provide spaces where patients and visitors can choose to learn
more about wellness, to their procedure, to disease-specific information
via designated websites/links, videos, DVDs, etc.

Of course, this content needs to be free and appropriate to all ages of
patients and something that engages and appeals to the patients’ senses.
The new lobby tentatively opens on 6/1 so I need to have some resources
available for individuals to examine.

·What websites or resources do you recommend we have that are free (I’m
looking for specific links here for info easy to navigate for the patient)?
Are there any free magazine subscriptions for patients and visitors we
could use?

Lou Miller, Medical Librarian
Riverside HealthCare System
350 N. Wall St.
Kankakee, IL  60901
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"A library without a librarian is just a reading room."
-- Jenny Garcia, MLS. AHIP