I think Mary poses a very intriguing question (see snip below from her


I do not track institution-specific knowledge at my hospital, but have
often wondered how I might go about it, and to what end.  I think this
activity may have possibilities for positioning the library as central
to "knowledge management/sharing" of institution-specific knowledge at
the hospital. But at a community hospital, what is the return on
investment?  Would the info be used, and how?  


What would be the best way to track and make accessible such info?
Would it best be managed in a database, or would a Web 2.0 tool be a
better match?  I guess the answer to that question would depend on how
and for what purposes the tracked and shared institution-specific
knowledge is being used.  


If I spend my time creating and maintaining a database of
institution-specific knowledge, what would be the value to the
organization? How would it be used, or searched?  Would such a database
be integratable into the clinical info system here at my hospital?  I
have been trying to figure out how I can add value to the hospital's
clinical info system/electronic medical record system.  I think the
hospital librarian needs to be contributing value to the clinical info
system, and this might be a way.  


Perhaps a Web 2.0 tool would be a better way to manage the
institution-specific knowledge Mary describes... maybe a social
networking tool?  I have wondered about the possibilities for MicroSoft
Sharepoint also for such a project...  


I read with interest and appreciate the postings so far in response to
Mary's question.  Has anyone tackled such a project at the community
hospital level? Thanks.  


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Hi All - I've just been asked to start tracking research posters,papers,
etc. that are done by residents, and possibly attending physicians.  By
any miracle, does anybody do this in your institution? 



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