Mike Bernstein writes:
> In light of this strong showing in the NE, it will be interesting to see
> how Killington spins yet another 5-10% decline in skier visits.

Killington was likely down more than 5-10%.

Here's a quote from the minutes of Killington's May 12th Board of 
Selectmen meeting:
"Mike informed Haff that skier days are a critical part of the equation; 
we were at 1.3 million at one time and now we are down to about 
500,000 skier days. If the number keeps dropping and we build a 
village, how does the Town survive on half the skiers?"

This may be rhetoric but when one of the selectmen is tossing around 
500,000 skier visits, it must have been down a lot.  The town has a 
traffic counter device on the access road so they have a pretty good 
handle on how busy they are.  Killington is going to say they did exactly 
what they planned to do.  As a weekend warrior, I found the place to be 
delightfully uncrowded.    A big slice of the town is obviously concerned 
about the impact on local businesses and property values.  The Texas 
money guys who own the land where the village is supposed to go can't 
be pleased with the hostility the town is showing towards the resort.  


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