Howdy h4x0rs,

  It's been awhile since we've had any activity on the old listserv, but I
  recently came across a neat opportunity for anyone with the skills and
  interest to take this on.  This guy named Chris Coulter ([log in to unmask]),
  is interested in adapting a spirometer (which is a little tube that you blow
  into or suck on) for use as an input device to play a simple Flash game.

  The idea here is that this would provide a new HCI tool for disabled folks who
  cannot use traditional mice or keyboards.  Apparently the spirometer already
  has a little device driver that can report the strength and direction of the
  blowing/sucking, so from there it shouldn't be too difficult to tie it into
  any number of applications.

  So it looks like he initially wanted to adapt it to be an alternative to the
  mouse (this would need someone who can write Windows device drivers).  Now,
  he's switched his mind up a bit, and just wants to interface the flow meter
  with a Flash program using the existing driver and DLL file.  What he needs
  then is an application that converts the data into function calls for the
  Flash game, and of course, he also needs a game.

  Any takers?

  Keep on hackin' in the free world,