Living in NM you will get exstatic, sorry: static, meaning - charged,
every time you sit on a lab chair and then stand up.

It sounds like KSL trying to squeeze a buck (or five thousand seventy
nine) out of you. Do not worry about SEM, unless you are working on a high
input resistance op-amp. Then you might want to do it on a conductive
grounded surface. Wet hands help. You need to be more nervous. Think
global warming.

EMP, however, is a different issue. It is usually accompanied by a bright
light and a loud bang. Then you go "bugger" and so goes your lab. Again,
NM specialty, I should say. Feel free to worry about it, and no, waxing or
not-waxig the floor (or anything else for this matter) will not help.



> Folks,
> This sounds crazy and I've never thought about this before. We're cleaning
> our lab and installing new equipment and I wanted the custodians to wax
> the
> floor while the instruments were moved. An SEM operator told me to never
> wax a lab floor because of static and that they make non-static wax that
> you have to use for labs. Is this an issue that anyone has any experience
> in? I just found out that they do make non-static wax, but its expensive.
> Is this issue specific to SEM and EMP, or is this the stuff of urban
> legend? The story I heard went as far as saying that even walking into a
> lab with a waxed floor will affect the future labs you walk into,
> before contacting myth-busters I thought Isogeochem would have some
> opinions,
> Thanks,
> Toti.
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