HI Jason--

We see the same results as Tim with Thermo's standard design. To swap 
crucible--cool reactor and use the supplied tool. IF you have Costech's 
ZeroBlank autosampler, you can pull out the carousel tray to get the 
crucible out without removing the zero-blank autosampler (not sure about 
other designs)--but you'll have to straighten out the hand hold to have 
enough length.

If you're going to do liquids at all via injections, we've had better 
luck with the He from bottom design, reference below. You can use the 
same set up for solids, using a glassy C tube without the cap on top. 
However those tubes have a large ID, so you'll need to make your own 
larger crucibles--else the sample tend to miss the crucible and fall 
down the sides. They can hold a few more capsules--depending on how you 
make it. And keep a graphite funnel on top of the glassy C tube (again, 
it's a make your own).

take care


Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 2004; 18: 26502660
Published online in Wiley InterScience ( 
DOI: 10.1002/rcm.1672
Continuous flow 2H/1H and 18O/16O analysis of water
samples with dual inlet precision
M. Gehre1, H. Geilmann2, J. Richter2, R. A. Werner2{ and W. A. Brand2*
Umweltforschungszentrum Leipzig-Halle GmbH (UFZ), Per moserstrasse 15, 
04318 Leipzig, Germany
Max-Planck-Institut fu ? r Biogeochemie, Postfach 10 01 64, D-07701 
Jena, Germany
Received 14 June 2004; Revised 9 September 2004; Accepted 9 September 2004

Jason Newton wrote:
> Hi all,
> we've just bought a TCEA; jut finished installing it this morning so 
> hope to be able to run some test sample tomorrow once the GC has 
> cooled down.
> I was reading some of the old discussions on the list, and wondered 
> what is the maximum number of 3 x 5 mm capsules that can be dropped 
> before the graphite crucible fills up and I start to get problems with 
> the flow - the crucible seems to be exceptionally small for large 
> sample throughput.
> cheers,
> Jason