Hi David!

I have been using 0.010" thick Kel-F sheets for years for carbonates and
water samples with no problems with our Optima-MultiPrep.  We found that
the 0.005" thick sheets were indeed too thin.  We had no problem with wads
of Kel-F being pushed into the vials, but, as you found, the entire disk
would often be pushed into the vials.

I order my Kel-F sheets from AIN Plastics in Mount Vernon, New York:

Kel-F is also carried by San Diego Plastics in San Diego, California:

Let me know if you have any more questions.


David Wheeler wrote:
> I am about to order some new Kel-F sheets to make the septa used to seal
> the Wheaton 1mL vials used on our Micromass multiprep, for doing
> carbonates and oxygen in water.
> In this setup the needle is pushed through the blue silicone septum and
> the Kel-F disc.  I am concerned about the number of times the needle,
> instead of punching a neat hole through the Kel-F, actually punches a
> wad into the vial.  When I take the cap off the vial there is an annulus
> of Kel-F between the rim of the vial and the silicone septa and a disc
> of Kel-F inside the vial.  (I hope that makes sense.)  This used to
> happen occassionally with carbonates, where the needle is large and
> pretty blunt, but now it is even happening with the smaller water needle.
> We have been using sheets 0.005" thick.  I'm wondering whether this is a
> dud batch of Kel-F or is the Kel-F too thin.  What thichness do other
> labs use?  I'm also interested in which suppliers are the best.  Post
> comments about suppliers off-list if you prefer.
> cheers,
> David
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