Applications are invited for 18 months post-doctoral research fellowship
starting October 2008, at LSCE (CEA) near Paris, France, in the
Biogeochemical modelling team ( to work on the
following subject:


Improving soil organic matter dynamics modeling at regional to global scales 

(18 months contract)

Project: CarboSol

The CarboSol project (2008-2010) funded by the Groupement d'intérêt
scientifique (GIS) ”Climate-Environment-Society”, aims at an improved
understanding of the vulnerability of soil organic matter to global change.
For this purpose, the project aims at improving existing models of soil
organic matter dynamics based on the complementary expertise of the
participating research institutions (BIOEMCO, ESE, LSCE). The objective is
to integrate knowledge from new and existing (manipulative) field studies
and theoretical modeling approaches to improve soil organic matter dynamics
models at the large scale. The four major topics to be addressed are: a) the
sensitivity of decomposition processes to temperature and humidity, b) the
control of decomposition through substrate and microbial biomass, c)
the effect of vertical profiles, and d) effects of soil management. 

The post-doctorate fellow will help to generalize novel point-scale modeling
approaches to improve soil organic matter modeling in the global dynamic
vegetation model ORCHIDEE developed at IPSL. The generalized model will be
evaluated and calibrated against CarboSol datasets in close collaboration
with soil scientists at BIOEMCO. Finally, new model will be used to assess
the vulnerability of regional and global soil carbon stocks to global
change. Exciting new scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals are

The net monthly salary will be between 2000 and 2500 Euro before income tax
depending on qualification.
Application should be send by email with a resume, CV, and the names,
telephone and email address of a referees to:
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The successful candidate will have a background or strong interest in
environmental modelling and some knowledge of soil sciences.