Depends on the weight of the capsules - which depends on the supplier
(e.g Elemental Microanalysis vs Costech or whoever). 'Heavier' 3x5 mm
caps fill the crucible after about 150 samples. 'Lighter' ones half fill
the crucible after 200 samples (i.e. 2 full runs). So we extract and
replace the crucible after 200 samples. The problem with filling the
crucible is not just possible overflow of silver causing flow problems,
but extracting the crucible with the springy wire tool is impossible if
the crucible is filled with silver.

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Hi all,

we've just bought a TCEA; jut finished installing it this morning so
hope to be able to run some test sample tomorrow once the GC has cooled
I was reading some of the old discussions on the list, and wondered what
is the maximum number of 3 x 5 mm capsules that can be dropped before
the graphite crucible fills up and I start to get problems with the flow
- the crucible seems to be exceptionally small for large sample




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