I use Microsoft Access for all my data bases instead of Excell. I find with
Access I a can create what ever kind of report, querry, index etc. I want,
and in the order I want. I don't know how to do any of that with Excell,
other than listing it and sorting by the headings. I just created the data
bases myself (and believe me I am no computer expert). I also have my Land
Index, dog licenses in Access and like them very much. 


Susan C. Covalla



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As with the Land Record, Plat file etc, I started an excel file index for
vital records.  Excel allows you to sort by column headings, so I print the
indexes, sorted by name, date, book etc.


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We were informed today that there are some towns that are indexing their
vital records on computer and we were wondering if they purchased a program
or developed it themselves.  Please let me know how you have done it and how
your are making it available to people who need to do some searches.