Yes!  First Class - but last year we tried a certificate of mailing [as the 
listers must for change of appr. notices]   Conclusion - not worth the $$$ 
or extra time as a certain number of people never got their bills.  Since 
they called the town asking if the bills had gone out yet, they were not 
Miki, Townshend

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Do tax bills have to be mailed 1st class postage.  Does anyone send them by 
bulk mailing?  Thanks,  Nancy
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At one time I inquired about using bulk mailing for property tax bills and 
was told by the postoffice that they could not be sent that way because of 
the importance of the item being mailed. Bulk mailings are for non-important 
items that don't have sensitive deadlines associated with them.

Cheryl Lindberg, Treasurer
Town of Norwich

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