Hi everyone,
For many years now, it's been mutually agreed between the Town and the school board here in Guildhall that the School reimburses the town for half (50%) of all Nemrc costs, ie the agreement itself, the disaster recovery plan, any trainings or consultations associated with Nemrc, etc.  This of course makes a lot of sense, not only because the school books are kept on nemrc accounting modules, but because nemrc provides the grand list and Tax Admin tools we need to collect both municipal and school taxes.
However, of late I've also been wondering (I'm a relatively new Treasurer, just 1.5 yrs now), if it would also make sense for the school to pay for half (or at least some portion) of the listers' budget.  After all, pretty much everything the listers do and everything they spend is related to raising municipal and school taxes.  (Obviously, the school board would have to approve such an expenditure.)
How is this handled in other towns?  Thanks