thanks paulette!! you have always been the consumate rescuer and keeper of details for as long as I can remember.
tomorrow will be it - am in here sunday trying to deal with loose ends - as in tracing prebate refunds - have printed up and clipped all of the various sources together -    there are some things I can clear/correct completely and I will stick to those.
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  Miki - Here are the instructions for getting off Muninet. Good luck. 


  *** To get off the list ***


  Note: This is really important!  You may get tired of getting lots of Email or want to stop getting the messages while you are on vacation.

  You can always subscribe again.  Keep a copy of these instructions so you remember how to get off the list.


  Send a one line EMail message to [log in to unmask] (leave the Subject line BLANK).  The message is "signoff muninet"




       To: [log in to unmask]


       signoff muninet


  You will receive a message from the system asking you to confirm that you want to be deleted from the list.

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  ATTN ANNETTE CAPPY  In my zeal to "clean up" I tossed the how to get of the assoc's group email and also muni net.  can you take me off of the assoc and fwd the instr for muninet.  sometimes white tornadoes take on lives of their own.  thanks! miki


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