Hinesburg doesn't pay election workers anything.  I do buy people a pizza dinner which we eat after the polls close and before we get to work reconciling things.  I was thinking I might start paying people, however, especially if someone is willing to stay for more than a 4 hour shift, which is what we typically ask people to do.  I haven't had any trouble getting volunteers thus far.  People seem to enjoy being part of the excitement on election day.


Melissa Ross
Town of Hinesburg
P.O. Box 133
Hinesburg, VT  05461

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Hello everyone!  This is the first time I've posted on Muninet - I've enjoyed 
reading all of the postings since I began as Town Clerk of Fairfield in March. 
Very good resource! My question is this- how many towns pay their election 
workers and if so, how much? 

Thanks, Amanda