We used to use a Pitney Bowes meter and inserter and found them horribly expensive, especially on service.
We went to a Neopost mail system sold by Northeast Mailing Systems (John at 802.295.3935). They have a variety of models, including ours which has automatic feed, a built-in scale, etc.  Excellent features and good service.  A lot better than licking a bunch of stamps.

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It seems to me that stamps would be very cumbersome.  You'd need a scale to weigh the pieces, then a broad range of stamps to cover the heavier stuff that's not 42 cents.  And doesn't the post office have some sort of rule that packages over a certain size or weight have to be taken to the postal window if they have stamps instead of a metered mark? (an anti-terrorist measure).  My 2 cents: I'd stick with the meter.
Marianne inWindsor
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Hello Clerks,

This may have been discussed already, but I can't find it on a message
sort in my email, so thanks, in advance, for your responses.

We are considering doing away with the postage meter in the office
(Pitney Bowes) and going to

Any insights?

Thanks again.

Heidi Racht

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