I am understanding you to say that you are leaving your position with
the town and have vacation time on the books that you will not be able
to take before their expiration date because you are busy making sure
everything is done.  If that is the case -


I would say the Selectmen can refuse to pay your vacation time based on
your personnel policy but would hope that you are leaving on a better
note than that.  They should want to pay you for that time earned
especially seeing as you are making sure to have everything in its place
prior to your departure not to mention all that you have done for the
town over the years.  If attitudes have deteriorated to that degree, I
would not be working nights and weekends to make sure that everything
was up to date and in tip-top shape.  Their attitude would have affected
me by this point.


Joan Devine

Vergennes City Clerk



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Subject: vacation time question


If a salaried elected officer is retiring at the end of the fiscal year
and has not used his/her 3 weeks non-accruable vacation time BECAUSE it
is necessary to WORK right up to the last minute INCLUDING WEEKENDS in
order to leave the work in any kind of order, can the Selectboard
legally refuse to pay the requested vacation time because that person is
a salaried worker and therefore has made the 'choice' not to take the
vacation time previously?  Also note that this person has served as
elected town officer since 1990 and has never come close to using
vacation time.