In Groton, we do not accept postmarks as timely payment of taxes.  We have a 5:00 pm deadline on our tax due date and do not make any exceptions.  Has worked well and seems to have closed many loopholes.

Roberta Dana
Town Treasurer & Tax Collector
Groton, VT
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  Barre City currently accepts tax payments received after the deadline as long as they are postmarked by the deadline.  However, more and more frequently the post offices haven't been applying a postmark.  During the last payment cycle, we received at least a half dozen payments with no postmarks - some as much as 10 days after the deadline.  We felt compelled to accept them.  We are considering doing away with the receipt of postmarked payments, and are interested in what policies other cities/towns of our size have in place.  We would also be interested in people's thoughts on drop boxes for receipt of payments - are there issues of security or liability?

  Thanks in advance.

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