In Colchester we have two voting districts: 7-1  and 7-2.  I have attached a
copy of a street map to show the boundaries, hopefully you can read the
street names.  However, I will see if I can work on something different for

Wanda Morin
Asst. Town Clerk

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We at the Vermont State Data Center and VCGI are working with the Census 
Bureau to delineate local voting wards or districts in our communities 
that may have them.  The goal is to be able to have Census 2010 data 
specifically for these areas.  We currently don't for many, if not all, 
local wards in the state.

If your town or city has voting wards or separate districts within your 
town, please let us know by emailing me at [log in to unmask]  We want to 
be sure to include everyone in this effort.

Eventually we would need maps of your wards (including street names) if 
available.  Also please let me know if you have maps of your State House 
districts in your town/city (for those that have more than one).

Please join us in this effort to create new local Census geographies for 

Thank you for your time.
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