The Middlebury Town Clerk’s Office will be changing hours of operation for the summer. This is a test program to see how the change effects service to our residents and addresses issues of lowering energy use. We are currently open Mon – Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm. We will be closed Fri July 4th for the Holiday. New hours will begin on Monday July 7th and continue at least through August 29th 2008.


Middlebury Town Clerk New Hours of Operation Starting July 7th, 2008 Will Be:      MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY 7:30AM TO 5:30PM


This change does not affect other Municipal Offices. A benefit we are hoping to achieve is better service to those individuals who would like our office either open earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon. We will ultimately be open the same number of hours during the week so we will be evaluating how we use energy for copiers, computers, cooling (summer), lighting, etc.


My two assistants currently drive in to work and home 5 days per week. Using calculations of their mileage, miles per gallon, and a gas price of $4 would save them a combined estimated total of $700 per year by reducing their travel by one day per week. This is a great benefit to employees as they save money, wear and tear on their vehicles and get a longer weekend. It is good for the environment because it reduces traffic on the roads and cuts down carbon emissions.


If you are a member of the Clergy, a Justice of the Peace, or other Officiant who performs Marriages and Civil Unions please advise the couple you are working with that the Middlebury Town Clerk’s Office is not available to issue their license on a Friday. For couples from out-of-state they may obtain a license from any Town Clerk who is open on Fridays. Another piece of information regarding Marriages and Civil Unions is that the Legislature has just raised the fee for a license from $23 to $45 as of July 1st, 2008.


If you have any questions regarding these changes do not hesitate to call me at 388-8100 X211 or email me at [log in to unmask]



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Middlebury Town Clerk

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