The following message is for Town Clerks who process Vital Records, from Rich McCoy, at the Vermont Department of Health.

I recently returned from a conference that focused on the federal regulations for the Real I.D. Law and requirements for Vital Records' offices.  We'll be very busy over the next 18 months with many changes to our systems and business processes.  As things develop, we will send out communications to let you know of our status and if there is any impact at your level.  At this time, we don't think so, but the regulations will probably result in more requests for certified copies in 2010.

We also inquired about the status of the much delayed Intelligence Reform Law regulations, which are expected to have a significant impact on Vital Records' offices and town clerks.  The answer from CDC was, "we don't know."  Apparently, the draft regulations are finished and simply waiting for approval to be released.  The question is whether that will happen during an election period.  We were told "maybe, but perhaps not."  In other words, we could see it released tomorrow…or not until December.

So, we continue to play the waiting game.  As always, if we hear any news on the release of the regulations, we'll let everyone know.  Thanks.

Rich McCoy
Director, Center for Health Statistics
Vermont Department of Health
108 Cherry St.
Burlington, VT 05402
Phone (802) 651-1862
Fax (802) 865-7701