Hi Susan  (and all) --  All you need to do to request a forum is to  
log in to and click on the Request a Forum/Feedback link.   
In the comment box, just write a brief description of what the forum  
is for, etc.    I think this is a great topic for a forum.  The only  
request we would have is that the person who submits the request,  
initiate the discussion by posting a topic,  When a thread slows down  
on its own accord, try to add new thoughts or posts to keep the forum  
alive.  Given the topic, however, I would think that it would be a  
very useful forum for everyone.

Best, Sandy

> Is there interest in creating a forum on, http:// 
>, for topics that support integrating/migrating-to  
> open source software in our schools? Opportunities to use open  
> source exist in all areas where information technology is used; to  
> support curriculum, to support computer networks and  
> infrastructure, as well as to support administrative functions in  
> our schools. The School-IT listserv is invaluable for reaching many  
> quickly. An open source forum would have a tighter focus. I'm  
> tapping into the collective mind to ask your thoughts.. would a  
> forum provide an effective way to share knowledge and resources,  
> and, is VTcite the appropriate venue?
> As stated on its website, "VTcite provides resources and topics of  
> discussion for educators interested in integrating technology into  
> the curriculum". Uses for open source software include, but also  
> extend beyond the boundaries of, curriculum. I'd love to see VTcite  
> continue to grow as a vibrant online community for education/ 
> educators in Vermont and hope this topic finds a home there.
> Susan Briere


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