A lot of the Opensource programs are also web2.0. We may want to add Open to the Web2.0 forum. 

Bjorn Behrendt 
Proctor School District 
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Subject: Open Source forum on VTcite? 

Greetings List, 

Is there interest in creating a forum on, , for topics that support integrating/migrating-to open source software in our schools? Opportunities to use open source exist in all areas where information technology is used; to support curriculum, to support computer networks and infrastructure, as well as to support administrative functions in our schools. The School-IT listserv is invaluable for reaching many quickly. An open source forum would have a tighter focus. I'm tapping into the collective mind to ask your thoughts.. would a forum provide an effective way to share knowledge and resources, and, is VTcite the appropriate venue? 

As stated on its website, " VTcite provides resources and topics of discussion for educators interested in integrating technology into the curriculum". Uses for open source software include, but also extend beyond the boundaries of, curriculum. I'd love to see VTcite continue to grow as a vibrant online community for education/educators in Vermont and hope this topic finds a home there. 

Susan Briere