Gcompris, Childsplay, TuxMath, Tuxpaint. Gcompris and Childsplay are both just a shell for 100's early education programs. There are some that will work on both windows and linux, but if you are willing to install edubuntu linux then there are much much more to choose from. 

At proctor I installed Edubuntu, which allowed me to use all my old computers and cheep thin clients to give my early ed teachers extra computers. One of my kindergarten teachers has presented a "FOSS for early ed" session at the FOSSVT conference this past year, and tentivly scheduled to do the same presentation at the next Vt Fest. It was really cool because Ressara lent us about 10 EEE pc's for a hands on expirence durring the session. I have a really good writeup on how to setup Edubuntu if you are interested. 

My kindergarten teacher is named Renee Kittler ([log in to unmask]), I am sure she would have no problem talking to anybody about her expierece with the FOSS programs for Early Ed. 

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My first grade teacher is looking for recommendations on software for 
supplemental classroom work. Not a big budget, about $150. (Open to 
free/open source programs as well, of course.) 
However, she would really like to know what others who teach her age 
range have found that is worthwhile and enjoyed by their students. 
Specific subject matter is not a requirement, just worthwhile in the classroom. 
Email me off list or have the appropriate teachers email me directly. 

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