I think you are talking about a load balancer. Check   http://www.peplink.com/
It is viable but do not confuse bandwidth with throughput. It sounds like you have a T1 line now. Adding a dsl or cable connection will give you some relief but a 6 mg cable connection is not the same as 4 T1's. In Rutland Comcast offers a free line to schools, you might check with your cable company down there. We found a T and 2 cable lines to be a relief but it looks like we need a 2nd T to really accommodate the growing appetite for internet content. As a side note the peplink setup provides us with fail over as well so if the T goes down the beat goes on!

On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 8:38 AM, Rick Armitage <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Burr and Burton Academy is looking to find a more cost effective and higher bandwidth solution. What are others using? We currently are using Level3 and have a 1.5 megabits per month based service bursting to 10 megabits. We limit bandwidth to 6 during peak usage hours as well as lower during non peak and weekend hours. We are always at the top of the limit during the day to avoid overage charges. Are there better services with higher bandwidth out there. We have heard about taking multiple modems and combining them to provide double the bandwidth, is this a viable option? Our classes are suffering with this low bandwidth and the increasing media sizes. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance. Rick Armitage Network Administrator Burr and Burton Academy

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