We had a situation where we had to replace a dead projector and our standard
model would not create a small enough image. (we didn't have the luxury of
moving a preinstalled mount)

In looking for a replacement I found a good tool here;

You can plug in some numbers and should be able to get a range of available
models to fulfill your needs.

Note: Click on the "Setup" link next to "Throw Distance" for detailed
disclaimer and info.


On 6/12/08 10:13 AM, "Lucie deLaBruere" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Looking for a projector whose focal length or zoom capability could
> easily go back and forth between a "large" screen and a "smart board".
>  Thinking of doing a ceiling mount, but the permanent placement of a
> ceiling mount might make us have to choose between "smartboard" size
> display  or "large 100 inch screen".
>   (classroom style and classroom 'budget'... you probably know what that
> means)
> Has anyone tried to solve this problem?  any recommendations.
> What about the "short throw" projectors?  Any experience with those?