I also like  CMAP

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 5:56 PM, Bjorn Behrendt <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> here is a GEOSS project I did on vtcite with opensource mind mapping.
> Installed to the computer:
> VUE:  This is the closest to inspiration that I
> have found.  It lacks the nice outline feature, but adds an amaizing
> presentation feature, allowing for muliple presentations off one map.    In
> my family tree example, you can create the genioligy presentation, then
> another on just the males, another on just the femails.   in my Geoss
> project I even used CamStudio to record an oral presentation.
> Freemind:   This
> is the most popular FOSS mind map.  It works quite differently then VUE in
> that it requires a central idea to work off of and you might want to choose
> the best fit for the project you are doing.  i was not able to do a family
> tree using freemind, however it worked great for brainstorming different
> projects I was working on.
> Web2.0 - collaborative.  all the ones I found were based off a central idea
> and worked more like freemind then vue.
> mindomo:  There are numerous web-based mind mapps,
> out of trying a few this is the one I seemed to have gravitated toward.
> mindmeister:  this was my second choice for
> mind map software.
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> Subject: free concept mapping tool?
> Does anyone know of free Inspiration-type software?  (Could it be that
> Google doesn't have one yet?)
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