At a first look, I could find nothing on the PTC web site or in your message that says what grade level(s) are addressed in this program. It sounds like it would be (at least) high school. Are there guidelines about appropriate grade levels?
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Drescher, Peter wrote:
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Hello all:
The Vermont Department of Education has just been brought into a conversation about the upcoming Vermont Real World Design Challenge.  We understand the timeliness of this program or announcement is not ideal for schools, but we felt that the opportunity was significant enough to get out to you so we can see who can take part in this challenge for the Fall. 
The Vermont Real World Design Challenge will be officially announced on July 16th here from the State House lawn.  This challenge is sponsored and organized by PTC, a software company working on Design applications, most notably, Pro/Engineer a high quality CAD program for education. 
Here is some info about PTC and their work with schools:
Basically, this is a Vermont based opportunity that begins on July 16 and trains teachers through the remainder of the summer in two day workshops and then moves into the classroom in fall for students to design a solution to a particular aviation problem.  They identify the problem and then ask schools and students to compete on the final design. 
There will be a registration signup coming out tomorrow for teachers that may be interested, and there is a cost associated with teachers that want the training, but today I have been asked to try to solicit 3-4 school sites for the trainings over the summer. 
Here is the offering they are giving to schools willing to host the training:
PTC will bring in trainers to the school for use of a computer lab facility (or cart) for two days.  The workshops are bring your own lunch affairs and would take place on dates made available by the schools between July 16 and beginning of school 08-09 year.  For the opportunity to use the school site, PTC will give one FREE training to a teacher from that school AND they will install the Pro/Engineer advanced package on the school lab computers.  This will then be supported for future updates and use. 
The trainings will usually consist of no more than 15 people and would require only access to the lab or classroom where the training is held.  Here is a link to the minimum requirements of the computers:
Here is the application that is being taught:
Mark Fischer, from PTC has assured me that the offering for schools is to install the Advanced package on their computers. 
What I need to know... Are you and your school interested in this offer and what two dates (in a row) can you offer for the time to do this?  I need a North and a South site.   Two of each would be fabulous!
Anyways.. As stated, I understand the un-timeliness of this announcement, but this program is moving forward regardless. If you have some interest, let me know ASAP. 
Please forward this on to anyone you believe would be interested. 
For more specific questions on the software and program, I have CC'd Mark Fischer from PTC
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