Is anyone else attending NECC this year.  I'm flying down with 2
teachers from my school and meeting up with Harriette and Lauren.
Anyone else want to mingle while we are down there,  drop me a note or
jingle at my cell phone number at this email.

Just arrived in Mountain View. CA gearing up for Google Teacher
Academy tomorrow, then I'll fly down to Texas on Friday.   I'm not
sure which I'm most excited about, checking out Google headquarters or
becoming a Google Certified Educator.  The geek in me is excited about
the Googleplex while the educator in me is excited about the latter.

Would love to have any Vermonter joing us for some Yankee networking in Texas.


Lucie deLaBruere

Work: 802 527 0565 x 3206
Cell: 802 752 6086

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