I've provided tech support to Walden School one day a week for 9 or 10 
That's meant largely keeping PCs, network, server, printers (etc) in 
working order
and helping people through tech difficulties. I've re-done the web site, 
set up
databases (including one for documenting & charging for breakfasts & 

Walden is a small pre-K to 8 school. One class (5th grade this year) has 
half a dozen students. The school as a whole has under 150 students (not 
sure of exact #).

Martha Dubuque has been principal for a few years,
and provides an atmosphere that encourages the teachers to excel.
She got the board to allocate some funds (4 or 5 months ago)
for teaching technology integration to the grade 5-8 students.
I took that on, but was not able to schedule enough class hours
to use the funds they allocated.

Martha and I sat down on Tuesday and blocked out a framework for a tech 
for the school - what skills are taught in what grade. I've fiddled with 
my notes from
that meeting and have come up with the attached RTF file (safer than DOC).
Next year will be a trial run for this new piece of Walden's "official 

I've taught adults in a variety of environments,
but have spent little time teaching kids.
I'd welcome comments on the attached curriculum rough-outline.
Any places where I'm going to be pushing for enough time?
If you have any pieces of this outlined with more detail,
I'd appreciate getting that.
If you have any relevant handouts, I'd /really/ appreciate them.

Sigurd Andersen