Do your teachers stay in the tech lab with the ed tech during tech classes?  If they do, what is their role?
Teachers stay in the lab.  Ed tech isn't a separate "class" in the lab. Whatever we do in the lab is part of the classroom curriculum as well as introducing, practicing or assessing the tech GEs. The teachers will have full responsibility in the lab next year as I have new responsibilities with data.  We have been working toward this goal for several years, putting enough technology in the classroom that the use of computers and SMART Boards are integrated throughout the day and not just for an hour per week in the lab. The lab is generally used for special projects, research, or whole class instruction using a specific program (for example...creating a digital story). 

Do you have specials, including technology, on the last day of school?  Why or why not?
Not usually, only because our last day is a half-day and awards assemblies, picnics, and kindergarten graduation keep us all too busy- it's always a pretty tight schedule on the last day.  However, we were using the lab for projects right up until Tuesday- and our last day was Wednesday.