Thanks for the info, Sandy. It sounds like an area where we can benefit from
sharing and collaborating via a forum. 

Now, how to structure it so that we can build on the resources already
available on VTcite? BJ pointed out that many open source applications are
Web 2.0... so would the information be best integrated in that forum? I have
sense the topic is broader than Web 2.0 and it might end up being disruptive
to that forum's focus.. feel free to discuss.

I happened to notice a new Technology Integration forum post on VTCite from
Bob Sargent regarding GEOSS projects: The GEOSS projects are curriculum
units that integrate technology, providing opportunities to teach and assess
GEs, using open source software. We have projects in Art, heredity, Internet
acceptable use, and math. SO, there are some great OSS resources already on
VTcite in the Technology Integration forum and resource database. 

While OSS is indeed aligned with Technology Integration, again - it's a
broad topic and may become unwieldy as we address the many different
applications for it - curriculum, network support, administrative support..
Is there a way to (I should already know this, so I apologize in advance..)
'tag' the posts so that we can associate resources in different forums with
a specific topic? I will investigate the resource database mentioned in
Joyce Morris' reply, to better understand how we could benefit from it.

I appreciate your replies. If we consider the forums already in place and
the way the different topics are associated we'll end up with a more
thought-full solution for implementing our discussion on open source.