In grades K-6 technology instruction is embedded in curriculum (no specific
pull-out), and is done by the classroom teacher, Integration Specialist or
as a collaborative effort. One or the other will do direct instruction and
both will support students while they are working. Since the context is the
teacherıs curriculum the teacher is always there with their class, and we
have several teachers who do most of their own tech instruction with little
assistance. The lab and portable labs are available to all classes (core and
Unified Arts) and are used heavily. This all works well for those teachers
who choose to integrate, but our current challenge is consistency.

7th & 8th graders all take a quarter-long Computer Applications class once
during the year, which has provided some consistency, however we are
planning to move to a ³fully integrated² model next year. In both of our
schools (K-4 and 5-8) the Librarians and Unified Arts teachers have made
significant contributions to student tech experience.

Our last day schedule varies from year-to-year, and this year it is a full
day with an afternoon of Field Days. I think specials will meet in the

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> Hello everyone,
> I know it's an absolutely insane time of year, but I wanted to ask a couple of
> quick questions.
> Do your teachers stay in the tech lab with the ed tech during tech classes?
> If they do, what is their role?
> Do you have specials, including technology, on the last day of school?  Why or
> why not?
> Thanks in advance for your help!
> Holly
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