Do your teachers stay in the tech lab with the ed tech during tech classes?  If they do, what is their role?

If teachers schedule time in the computer lab they stay with their students since we use an integrated approach to imbedding technnology into the curriculum.  As the integration specialist, I spend time with individual teachers planning their units/lessons and am available to support them in the lab as scheduled.  We also have two mobile labs (laptops) available which teachers bring into the classroom as needed.  

Do you have specials, including technology, on the last day of school?  Why or why not?

Technology is not viewed as a “special” nor scheduled as one.  The lab is schedule is flexible and teachers sign up for time as required by the particular project the class is working on.  For example, one class might have 3-4 lab periods per week when working on a major research or video project and then not have much time scheduled until they begin another project.  . .  Or a class might need a 3 hour block of time on a one time basis . . . Or  . . . .