here is a GEOSS project I did on vtcite with opensource mind mapping.

Installed to the computer:
VUE:  This is the closest to inspiration that I have found.  It lacks the nice outline feature, but adds an amaizing presentation feature, allowing for muliple presentations off one map.    In my family tree example, you can create the genioligy presentation, then another on just the males, another on just the femails.   in my Geoss project I even used CamStudio to record an oral presentation.

Freemind:   This is the most popular FOSS mind map.  It works quite differently then VUE in that it requires a central idea to work off of and you might want to choose the best fit for the project you are doing.  i was not able to do a family tree using freemind, however it worked great for brainstorming different projects I was working on.

Web2.0 - collaborative.  all the ones I found were based off a central idea and worked more like freemind then vue.
mindomo:  There are numerous web-based mind mapps, out of trying a few this is the one I seemed to have gravitated toward.

mindmeister:  this was my second choice for mind map software.

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Does anyone know of free Inspiration-type software?  (Could it be that Google doesn't have one yet?)  


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