Tommy - 

I will hope that even with your change of status we will continue to benefit
from your wisdom (& good humor) on this list. We donıt want to get TOO

³So long and thanks for all the fish!²


on 6/27/08 7:33 AM, Tommy Walz wrote:

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> Monday, June 30, is my last official day as Barre's Tech Coordinator.  After a
> little time off, I will be doing business as Data Consulting of Vermont,
> helping people with handling data in general and coming up with FileMaker Pro
> solutions in particular.
> Feel free to email me at [log in to unmask] for any reason.  During the summer, the
> cell phone will be the most reliable way to reach me: 793-2262.
> All of who are continuing to do the Tech gods' work, carry on!  You too,
> Vince.
> Tommy Walz
> Technology Coordinator
> Barre Supervisory Union