Thanks Lucie.  It was a great project.  I wonder about using copyrighted materials and posting the work on line?  Did they address this?

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>Here's a new tech tool (Mixit)  and an inspiring example of how Konrad
>(you may remember him from Dynamic Landscape)
> used with junior high students as they studied the dairy of Anne Frank
>It moved me so much I just had to share it
>especially the last paragraph of this post
>"… and, of course, the best thing about this was that there was no
>rubric or evaluation sheet. Why? Because when you listen to student
>soundtracks for The Diary of a Young Girl and the music works, the
>music fits, you just know the students did a great job … and they do
>too - not because they received a rubric with a high mark, but because
>their work emerged from meaningful conversations with each other and
>the teacher."
>Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
>Lucie deLaBruere
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