Location:     The Gables at East Mountain
Observation  date:     6/15/08
Notes:     Cooper's hawk  standing on rim of nest. Nestling(s) observed 
moving. Savannah sparrow (CF).  American robin (CF).
Number of species:      19

Mallard     1
Cooper's Hawk      1
Mourning Dove     3
Ruby-throated Hummingbird   1
Red-eyed Vireo     6
American Crow   1
Tree Swallow     2
House Wren   1
American Robin     10
European  Starling     3
American Redstart      1
Ovenbird     2
Chipping Sparrow      9
Savannah Sparrow     1
Song Sparrow      5
Northern Cardinal     4
House Finch      2
American Goldfinch     13
House Sparrow   2

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Roy Pilcher
The Gables at East Mountain, Rutland,  Vermont

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