Assistance with the following question appreciated:

 *Question*: Is a patient turning team effective at reducing pressure
ulcers?  *Comments: *I'm specifically looking for articles that describe
turning team (teams of individuals that reposition patients as their main
responsibility) implementation and evaluation of the programs.

When searching PubMed, I find plenty of info on "lift teams" which are
different than "turning teams," and plenty of info on patient transfer (bed
to wheelchair, etc.), and info on the benefit of patient repositioning.
What I can't find are articles that reference the implementation &
evaluation of turning team programs. To give you an idea of what I have so
far, here are the PMID items on my clipboard:

1387079    15482090    17130758    17130759    10424181    10782202    7639444
   11889736    10896746    16926357    17721058    17512473
15469217    14668163
   12761485    12231281

 Suggestions welcome!  Thanks!


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