Our institution has recently created a Clinical Effectiveness team which is
charged with developing evidence-based guidelines to be implemented and
outcomes assessed.  As we begin our work (the two librarians here will be
doing the literature searching), the problem of what to call the guideline
has arisen.  At the moment, it is being referred to as - are you ready? -
the 'THING'.

I think we've all encountered the sometimes confusing and conflicting
terminology used.  Some of the possibilities proposed thus far are:

Clinical Pathway
Evidence-based Practice Guideline
Clinical Practice guidelines
Clinical Effectiveness Pathway 
Evidenced Based Guideline (EBG)

I've done some searching to try and locate articles which may discuss naming
options, or how these terms are distinguished one from the other but so far
have not really found anything, apart from some not very helpful MeSH scope

Does anyone know of any good sources which discuss this terminology and how
best to use it?

I'll summarize if there's interest.  Thank you.

Susan Klawansky
Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center
Seattle, WA
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