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This week the Regional Educational Technology Network (RETN), the Center for Research on Vermont's public-access television partner, will broadcast two Center-sponsored programs:

(1) "New Perspectives on the Peopling of Vermont," which was organized and moderated by Vermont State Archaeologist Giovanna Peebles and includes the presentation of several papers:

        "Recession of the Laurentide Ice Sheet Across Vermont: Newly Exposed Landscapes for Vermont's Earliest People" by Stephen Wright, University of Vermont (UVM) Geology Department;

        "Vermont's Earliest Pioneers: New Glimpses into Vermont's Paleo-Indian Occupations" by Francis "Jess" Robinson, UVM Consulting Archaeology Program and Vermont Archaeological Society;

        "Deep Time in Wobanakik: A Sovereignist Approach to Peopling the Dawnland" by Frederick Wiseman, Abenaki Nation and Johnson State College.

The program, which runs for two hours, can be viewed on Comcast Cable on Channel 16 (both North and South) as follows:
        Monday, July 7, 2008 at 11 A.M.
                        repeats at          8 P.M.
                        repeats at          midnight

The program was originally presented as part of "New Discoveries and Current Issues in Vermont Archaeology," a symposium honoring the legacy of James B. Petersen (1954-2005), UVM Professor of Anthropology, which was held at the University of Vermont on November 3, 2006. The day-long event was cosponsored by the UVM Anthropology Department, UVM Center for Research on Vermont, UVM Consulting Archaeology Program, Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, and Vermont Archaeological Society. For a detailed description, please visit the Center's Web site at <>.

(2) "The Taste of Maple Syrup: Past, Present, and Future" by Amy Trubek, Nutrition and Food Sciences, University of Vermont (UVM), with additional remarks by Montserrat Almena-Aliste (Nutrition and Food Sciences, UVM) and Lee Corbett (Graduate Student, Geology, UVM).

The program, which has a runtime of 1:12, can be viewed on Comcast Cable on Channel 16 (both North and South) as follows:
        Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at 11 A.M.
                            repeats at           8 P.M.
                            repeats at           midnight

The program, which was cosponsored with the Friends of Special Collections, was originally presented as #212 in the Center's ongoing Research-in-Progress Seminar Series on April 10, 2008. For a detailed description, please visit the Center's Web site at <>.

People who are outside of the RETN broadcast area (see below) may view these and other recent Center videos on demand on their computers. To do this, point your browser at <> and click on /Center for Research on Vermont/ on the lefthand column. A number of Center programs will appear on a menu among which you may select. You may also choose among Broadband Video, Dial-Up Video, and Audio Only, depending on the capability of your browser.

In addition, videotapes of many Center programs may be borrowed from the Center's Video Library upon request. Please visit our Web site at <> for more information about the programs that are available on videotape.

For more information about RETN's schedule, please visit the RETN Web site at <> or contact RETN directly at 802-654-7980. The schedule is usually the same for both RETN North (Comcast Channel 16 in Burlington, Essex, Essex Junction, Williston, and Winooski) and RETN South (Comcast Channel 16 in Charlotte, Ferrisburgh, Hinesburg, Shelburne, and Vergennes).

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