Hello ladies of JM4 (former),
My how I've missed you! Hope all of your summer's are going well.

I've been meaning to write you all since you all left the wonderful  
fourth floor, but alas have had a busy summer. I've heard from a few  
of you here and there, so I figured I'd continue on and write you all.

It was quite lonely after you all left. I hung around until graduation  
(which was surreal, but welcomed). Many of you may still have the  
memory of High School Graduation fresh in your minds, and I'll tell  
you what, it felt like i had gone in a circle and was in the same  
place as i was when i graduated HS, but when i thought about it, i  
realized how much i had really changed and grown as a person. Since  
graduation it's been lots of work at the good ol' On the Rise Bakery  
and i picked up a job at Cloud 9 Catering working in the bakery. I'm  
still seeing John (and actually living with him and his roommates for  
the rest of the summer). I did some housesitting, visited the Cape,  
brewed and bottled my own beer, got some sun, read some books, and  
made some new friends among other things since i've last see you all.

I must say that my last year at UVM and as an RA was my best. I truly  
loved getting to know each and every one of you. You all hold special  
places in my heart of my memories of UVM. I hope you all find what  
you're looking for at college. If I may add on piece of advice and  
reflection: the value of networking is extremely valuable. As you  
discover more of Burlington and UVM and your passions and interests  
supported here, I encourage you to secure those connections with  
people that may be helpful in the future (when you want a  
recommendation, an internship, a job, advice, a friend, etc).

I'll be back in Burlington from time to time (i love it too much, and  
John will still be living here), so keep in touch, enjoy the rest of  
the summer, and THANK YOU for being a part of my life.

with love,