The Center for Translational Science is happy to announce its Fall 2008 offerings  All courses are given at 3:30 PM at 371 Pearl Street. Registration requires instructor permission whether  taken for credit or not. Please contact Alan Rubin at [log in to unmask] for more information. You will need a UVM  student number to register for credit. Full course descriptions are on the CTS website.

Mondays, Beginning Sept 8 - Conducting Clinical and Translational  Research - Dr. Rubin
Tuesdays, Beginning Sept 2 - Analyzing Clinical  and Translational Research - Dr. Pinckney and Dr. Callas
Wednesdays, Beginning Sept 3 - Designing Clinical and Translational Research - Dr. Kennedy
Thursdays (every other) - Beginning Sept 4 - Cell to Society - The HPV Vaccine - Dr Rubin

Alan S. Rubin, MD
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