Holy Guacamole Batman!  This is absurd!  and expensive.  Anyone who knows me at work knows that I hate running cable (whine is just so icky up there.....) but having to pay an electrician to come watch me do it is even worse.  This is a case of the tail wagging the dog.  I wonder if whoever wrote up "SECTION 800" bothered to consult with  any school IT people before dreaming this one up.  


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IT specifically...


This came across my desk recently from a Tech Director.. Are folks in IT
branch of schools aware of this possible ruling?

This message text was relayed by IT personnel in Southwest Vermont....

From state level, I'll try to get more detailed information on the
possibilities of it coming to fruition....

"I have been involved with discussions regarding the upcoming adoption
of the new 2008 Electrical Code and have some concerns about Section 800
which deals with Communications Systems and how they are regulated by
code.  Prior codes have disregarded these types of systems as they do
not generally involve any substantial amount of electrical power to
operate them but over the years there has been more interconnections and
there is a move to put Section 800 back into effect.  What this means is
that IT staff will not be able to run cables, make any connections to
building systems, work on communication issues, etc, etc.   WITHOUT  A
LICENSED ELECTRICIAN PRESENT.    That's going to be costly!       The
public comment period for the adoption of the code is open at this time
and you can forward any concerns to the state website ---          You can also call or contact Richard Schlieder
who is the Chief Electrical Inspector for the state.    802-885-8970  or
the Berlin Office.   It might be wise to speak with other IT Directors
around the state and see if they know about this and if so, how they
will deal with it.    Perhaps if enough schools come forward and argue
against the inclusion of Section 800 the state will hold off until the
next round  of adoptions which may be out about 2 to 3 years.   This
would allow time to at least look at implications and costs that schools
will incur." 

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