Nancy... Wow, so many adult birds tending one chick! Now that's what 
I call an extended family!
It takes a flock...

Julie... Many thanks for the hummingbird on nest photo!  (I want your 
zoom lens! Ha!)  I sent the photo along to my little granddaughter to 
see.  She is nearly two and her daddy is a wildlife biologist.  They 
recently sent us video of her encountering a Canada Warbler on a 
trail.  The two of them stopped and checked each other out.  Then the 
Warbler hopped all around and got a lot closer to her ~ practically 
at her feet; while she stayed very still and watched intently.  I was 
impressed that she knew to hold still and not frighten it.  And so 
this love of birds passes to the next generation.  :-)

It is good to hear about the baby birds folks are seeing and 
hearing.  There is one young chickadee here who has a slightly higher 
pitch than all the other chickadees I've ever heard.  At first I 
thought it was some other bird mimicking, or a youngster still 
learning, but the sound has remained the same for over a 
month.  Could this be a mutation of some sort?

Thanks all.  I enjoy this group, even when all the posts overwhelm me at times.
~ June in Jericho

At 02:29 AM 7/10/2008, you wrote:
>Last week a tiny ball of fluff that turned out to be a baby titmouse 
>was being anxiously chirped over by parents who were very agitated; 
>all of a sudden, one at a time 7 more adult titmice flew in to help 
>protect baby. Lost sight of all 10 in thick shrubs.No further sign 
>this week. Nancy Goodrich, Burlington
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> >Subject: [VTBIRD] What new baby birds in your yard
> >
> >Just looked out the window and saw a Chipping Sparrow and fledgling on the
> >feeder and started to think about what else was out there this season.
> >So far this year;
> >
> >Canada Goose  2 pr with 17 goslings
> >Mallard   3pr  with  9 duckling left at this point
> >Hairy Woodpecker 1pr 3 young
> >Rose-breasted Grosbeak  1pr with 2 babies 1m  1f
> >Song Sparrows and babies every morning
> >Robins
> >Blue Jay
> >Chickadee's
> >Tufted Titmouse
> >Ruby-throated Hummingbird
> >Baltimore Oriole
> >Cardinal
> >Common Yellow throat Warbler
> >American Redstart
> >Goldfinch
> >Morning Doves
> >All these birds have showed up in the yard with babies this year. 
> Never really
> >thought about it, till now. Nice!
> >What baby birds did you have in your yard ?
> >
> >Peter Manship
> >Lake Pauline
> >Ludlow Vt
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