I too, have been hearing and seeing wrens galore this year.

And those little wrens are rugged.  I have had an occupied wren house hanging in a tree for several years.  This year the big storm of June 10 that whisked through Williston knocked down the branch holding the wren house.  As I was carrying the house to a nearby tree, a wren (adult? recently fledged?) flew out of it.  Within a few minutes at least four wrens were buzzing around the house in its new location.  They were in and out of the house for several days, around the area for several more, and now have split.

You have to admire their survival skills.

Carl Runge

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Has it seemed to anyone else that there are lots of House Wrens around
this year? I have been hearing them virtually everywhere I go. For the
first time since I have been living in Vergennes, three birds singing
within a five block radius of my house. Is there anything that might
account for a boom in their numbers?

On 7/10/08, Ruth Stewart <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> House Wrens are on their second nesting - a neighboring box, 3 eggs this am
> RB Grosbeaks, Catbirds, Hummers and Chipping Sparrow young about yd.
> Full houses at the Manchester Rec Park - some interesting notes:
> TRSW - Box 3A: 6/25 Yg at hole begging.  7/5 expected to empty box.  When I
> opened box, one almost ready to fledge yg peering at me.  Perfect shape -
> very real looking --- but 'baked' in time.  Another there as well.  Looks
> like once the 'older' yg fledged, two were abandoned.
> #2 -- 7/5 Bluebirds - 4 fledged BUT
> #10 - 6/25 new Bluebird nest 7/5 f incubating 4 eggs.  Yay!!
> Of 11 Tree Swallow nests, 2 still are feeding young.
> On 6/18, five new boxes were put up.  Although a bit late, all are now
> 'occupied' with wren activity - at least 2 have fine inner nest material and
> singing adults in area.
> It's been great fun monitoring these nest boxes.  The female Tree S. will
> sit tight when incubating despite prying eyes.  Community mobbing occurs at
> some boxes when intruders are near.
> The Wrens scoot out immediatedly and the males sing continuously at the box.
>  The Bluebirds hang out and 'talk' a lot.
> When I pulled up for my survey on 6/25, I witnessed a female House Sparrow
> at the opening of a box that had Tree Swallows in it earlier.  I watched as
> the bird tried to get inside 2-3xs - seemingly, without success.  I grabbed
> my binos and got out of my car.  When I focused back on the box, a male
> House Sp exited!!!   The yg TRSW were about to fledge the week prior, so I
> suspect they were successful, but those darn HOSP were after something.  I
> think I have only seen the one pair on one other day during a box check.
> A bird any day makes me ok!
> Ruth Stewart
> E. dorset
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