Mid-afternoon today, I saw two and possibly three full-grown 
bobcats-- the first two, what certainly appeared to be a male 
following about 50 feet behind a somewhat smaller female, 
strolling nonchalantly across the far edge of my two-acre 
property in the open in full daylight and in full view of the 
house and of me sitting on the back steps with a cup of coffee. 
To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

I'm guessing this must be a mid-summer second mating in the 
works, but I'd sure appreciate hearing from anybody who knows 
something about bobcat behavior or could put me in touch with 
someone who does.  (They looked strong and healthy and purposeful 
and showed no signs of sickness or other odd behavior, so I'm not 
concerned about rabies or personal safety, just baffled and 

I've seen bobcat tracks in the woods at the top of the ridge I 
live on the side of, but my house is in otherwise fully open farm 
country on all sides.