We've had a bumper crop of Rose-Breasted and Evening Grosbeaks this year. 5
Adult or 1st year RBGB males, 4 females, quite a few juveniles, some looking
younger than others. Evening GBs- probably 3-4 males and females. Juveniles,

Here's a series of photos taken through my (dirty) window of a EBG feeding
sequence.  Great fun to watch the flutter technique. I swear, some juveniles
will flutter at any other big bird that passes by!! Also some Hairy pics
(note- some of these images are "painted"- photos that have been altered to
look more like a painting. i do this for fun, and because some photos don't
come out so well "as is". Nothing has been added or subtracted, however, in
the way of subject material.)

I'll be adding more photos of others later...

We also had a family of Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers in a hole in a nearby
tree. What a racket the kids made. They fledged a few weeks ago. Aaah, peace
and quiet....except for the begging Grosbeaks. Photos coming...

Other Fledglings- very funny antics from  male and female Hairy Woodpecker
juveniles- they are HUGE compared to their (harried) parents. I call the
young male "baby Huey". He's finally learned to eat seeds from the
feeder...sort of. He kinda lies down in the trey and scatters seeds, mostly.
Also have photos...

And...juvenlie White-breasted and Red-breasted nuthatches, chickadees and
robins, Mourning Doves, Juncos,purple finches, goldfinches.. 

Hearing every day for several weeks:
Hermit Thrush, (duets), Veery, red-eyed vireo, Grosbeaks as metioned,
Ovenbirds, Scarlet Tanagers, and....uh, can't remember any more right now.

Cindy Crawford