Bolton Valley, VT 03FEB2008


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After heading up to Bolton Valley on Saturday for a quick Telemark skiing session by myself, the whole family made it up to the mountain on Sunday.  Id had so much fun on my Telemark skis the previous day that I even decided to bring them again.  There was a bit of trepidation about trying to keep tabs on the boys and manage Dylans leash on my Telemark skis, but I figured if worst came to worst I could always use alpine ski technique as needed.


We left the house (495) at around 1:30 P.M. to a temperature of 35 F, and at the bottom of the Bolton Valley access road (340) the temperature was just a touch warmer at 36 F.  When we arrived up at the Timberline base (~1,550) the temperature was down to 32 F, and the snow flurries that wed been experiencing in the valley had turned into light to occasionally moderate snowfall.  Up to that point in the season wed focused on Boltons main base area in the village when the whole family went skiing, so switching over to Timberline as a base of operations was a change of pace.  But, it was prime season and the Timberline terrain was in great shape so it was certainly the time to be there.


We kicked things off with a run from the Timberline summit, following the same novice/intermediate combination of Villager and Timberline Run that Id skied the previous day.  It was actually the only practical Timberline route to ski with Dylan at that point, since on the steeper intermediate and advanced terrain he still required a lot of support from the leash.  Steeper slopes like those just didnt allow him to practice initiating his own turns.  The surface conditions were almost a carbon copy of what I had experienced the previous day; the low and medium angle slopes were great packed powder with just a couple scratchy spots where wind or traffic had abused the surface.  The new snow that was falling didnt accumulate too substantially for the couple of hours we were there, certainly less than an inch, but it helped to freshen up the trails a little. Off trail there were roughly the same 4 inches of powder Id found the previous day up at the Timberline summit (~2,500) tapering down to a couple of settled inches near the Timberline base area elevations.  Many of my ski tracks were still sitting there from Saturday, so I got to show them to Ty as he tried out some of the same lines.


Ty was quite a powder hound on this outing.  He blazed a lot of fresh lines in the trees, some of which were even tighter than I wanted to try while following him with Telemark turns.  The untracked trees were a lot of fun overall, but we found the powder depth at the Timberline elevations was only enough for low and some medium angle slopes or else youd really be contacting the crusty base.  Although only about 1,000 vertical or so, a run from the Timberline Summit to the Timberline base via that Villager/Timberline Run option is still quite a distance, so Dylan got a break after our first run.  We hung out for quite a while and enjoyed the Timberline Lodge, before finally heading up for another go, which we shortened a bit by using the Timberline mid station.  We headed through the Woods Hole area and I recall Ty and I getting into some nice powder.  I cant recall any major leaps in Dylans skiing, but he continued his progression toward making turns on his own and getting off the leash.


All in all it was just another fun day consisting of a couple runs with the boys, featuring decent powder off piste and comfortable temperatures.  The Avocet recorded 1,805 of vertical descent and the Suunto recorded 1,824 for a difference of 1.0%.  Later, when I checked the thermometer at the house, I found that we had topped out at a temperature of 38.7 F down there.  We had also picked up 0.3 inches of new snow from the snow flurries/showers, pushing us past 118 inches of accumulation for the season, and the snowpack in the yard remained in the 15 to 16 inch range.


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